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Social Media Has Changed Marketing Forever

Customers are flocking to social channels in record numbers. Customers now initiate over 150 million social conversations with brands each day. Among Fortune 100 brands, web site traffic growth is plummeting even as Facebook fan growth exponentially rises. Last week, at the Cloudforce 2012 conference, I had the privilege of standing with Salesforce to show […]

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Service is the New Marketing

Today, millions of customers will seek help from brands on social networks. Today, your company’s public interactions on Facebook and Twitter will shape how other prospects and customers perceive your brand. For this reason, the quality of your social customer service has become a key element of modern marketing. Last week, at the Salesforce Dreamforce […]

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You Got Your Social in My CRM

Do you remember those TV commercials from when we were little? The ones where one guy had chocolate and the other had peanut butter? And then they collided and the result was something better than either imagined? This past year, I’ve had the tasty pleasure of “colliding” customer social media commentary with corporate Customer Relationship […]

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Dreaming Forcefully

I’ve been dreaming for a long time about making a forceful difference in the lives of my customers. So I’m delighted to have a chance to speak at an aptly named conference. The Salesforce Dreamforce conference is gigantic, with 60,000 people slated to be there this year. Four of them are those dudes from the […]

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The Paradox of Social CRM

There’s a warm feeling you get when you walk into a familiar place. When the staff knows you by name, greets you with delight and serves up “the usual”, you feel honored, respected and welcome. This is the differentiator between the “mom and pop shop” and the mega mall; between the corner store and the […]

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Top Tweets of 2011

For many of us, this past year was a time of transitions and triumphs, of mountains climbed and summits reached. I know for me, one of the greatest sources of daily encouragement was the pure stream of wisdom I received on Twitter. So many wise advisors gave their time and their words to inspire and […]

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Influence and Advocacy

I recently had the honor of being included alongside close friends on the Mindtouch customer service influencers list. I’m grateful to Mindtouch for investing in the research, and grateful to all who voted to place me on the list. I’m even more delighted that the message of customer advocacy is spreading and gaining traction. This […]

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May the True “You” Shine Through

Two-Faced. Double-Dealing. Duplicitous. These are the terms we have for people who say one thing when they are around us and another when we’re gone. It’s an age-old complaint: Universally deplored. Why, then, have so many business learned to not only tolerate this behavior but to actually encourage it? There is an invisible line between […]

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Lose Some “Wait”

Nothing says “DISRESPECT” quite like forcing someone else to wait. And yet, that is exactly what so many brands do daily to the very customers they claim to value! It’s conventionally accepted that the customer (who NEEDS something) should be willing wait for the service provider (who HAS what they NEED.) However, somewhere along the […]

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Net Promoter Score: The Ultimate Question

I swiped my debit card and stared at the tiny screen… I expected a prompt for my PIN. Instead, the monitor read, “How likely are you to recommend K-Mart to a friend”?” This caught me off guard. K-Mart wants to know if I LIKE them? Not only that, they want to know if I like […]

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