Top Tweets of 2011

For many of us, this past year was a time of transitions and triumphs, of mountains climbed and summits reached. I know for me, one of the greatest sources of daily encouragement was the pure stream of wisdom I received on Twitter. So many wise advisors gave their time and their words to inspire and instruct. I wanted to close the year by highlight some of the tweets that helped me find focus and stay strong:

Best Tweets of 2011 wisdom twitter

I wanted to share a few of tweets that influenced me the most in 2011:

  1. The mantra of the best leaders: How may I best help the most people?Robin Sharma

  2. Every aspect of our lives is affected by what comes out of our mouths.DyCee Frost

  3. You cannot live a positive life with a negative mind.Kim Garst

  4. Your source of approval controls the direction of your life.Dan Rockwell

  5. The most successful people trusted themselves enough to try.Steve Keating

  6. Until we own it, we repeat it.Lolly Daskal

  7. There’s a certain greatness in simply being grateful. 
    Mal Fletcher

  8. We will never make the difference we can, unless we are comfortable being who we are.Mark Fritz

  9. The weight of self-discipline is much lighter than that of regret.Mark Oakes

  10. Purpose not profession. Passion not position.Mary Ellen Grom

  11. Give yourself permission to fail and promise yourself to learn from it.
    Jane Perdue

  12. The best gift? Be present.Vala Afshar

  13. Only 3 things matter in business: culture, culture, culture.Ted Coine

  14. Happy is a choice. Don’t let circumstances determine your attitude.Carrie Wilkerson

Are there tweets that inspired you in 2011? If so, I’d LOVE to see some of them here in the comments?

22 Responses to “Top Tweets of 2011”

  1. Thanks for the great list. These were wonderful reminders. For me, many of my most inspirational tweets of 2011 came from you. Thanks for connecting and being a part of Lead Change. Mike…

    • Very kind of you, Mike. I appreciate your admonition to “lead from WHO I am, not from where I sit”. That advice made so much of my 2011 possible. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

  2. Tristan, this is a terrific compilation – I’m honored to be included with these great minds, and I’m grateful to you for gathering them for us.

    Let me also add something all of your Twitter followers and blog subscribers already know: that your own tweets are an inspiration to us all. I’m proud to call you my friend, and thankful for the power of Social that brought us together.

    2011 may have been great or it may have been a struggle (or both!), but this I know: together, we’re going to make 2012 rock! Seize the moment – and the year!!

    • Rockin comment Ted!

      Agree whole heartedly with your thoughts regarding Tristan… who has a very cool name! πŸ˜‰

      Happy New Year

      • Much appreciated, Dan.

        It was tough for me to pick only ONE favorite from the dozens I’d marked of yours throughout the year.

        Thanks for teaching me and helping me see more deeply each day.

    • Thank you for your kind affirmation, Ted!

      I have learned a lot from you, most of it around speaking needed truth boldly. I know there’ll be more to learn in 2012.

      Looking forward to seeing you F2F

  3. Great post! Thank you for sharing these. Here is my fave from 2011 (It was actually a Facebook status which I tweeted):

    “If you’re not devoted to rocking the house with your talent, leave the house.”
    Robin Sharma

  4. Having weathered a significant Storm of Life in the last quarter of this year, I was really struggling with feeling aimless and adrift, and questioning what it was that I was even doing anymore… Then, Gary Loper (@garyloper) tweeted this quote from Richard Bach. “Here is a test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t!” While I still wrestle with feeling aimless, it helped give me that kick in the seat I needed to pick something and DO IT! And I’m grateful for that.

    • Wow, great advice from Gary. He has a way of showing up with the right words at the right time.

      We have been praying for you, Tara.I’ve been amazed by your perseverance.

      • Thank you for the prayers, Tristan. They’ve been needed, and appreciated… For whatever reason, God’s given me lots of practice at persevering throughout my life. But this has been the hardest challenge, and perhaps that’s why all the other “practice” was needed, so that I could persevere through this as well… There are moments when my faith is all that enables me to keep it all together. But, I do have that, and that’s a lot under any circumstances!

  5. Thanks for sharing this inspiring list, Tristan. All of these wonderful messages remind me that technology truly succeeds when it both supports our dreams and fills our hearts.


    • Isn’t that something, Lori. I’ve met everyone of these people virtually. Without these digital connections, this wisdom wouldn’t have reached me. Very grateful for the encouragement.

    • Lori, your comment to Tristan can be added to the list of great tweets: “technology truly succeeds when it both supports our dreams and fills our hearts.”

  6. Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing the list, Tristan! I’m going to share it on FB. πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you, Ashwini. I’ve learned so much from these fine folks.

    I appreciate you sharing the wisdom with your friends! πŸ™‚

  8. I am often inspired by tweets, including many on your list and this quote posted by LeaderQuote (Graham Speechley):

    Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work – Aristotle

    Experiencing pleasure is a key ingredient in my own success. Cheers Tristan!

  9. Love these Top Tweets!! One of my favorite mantra/quotes that I share offline/online is
    “If you can’t change the wind, adjust the sail.”
    Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom, you’re an inspiration, Tristian! Happy & Healthy 2012 to you!

  10. Tristan – considering I truly believe you are what you Tweet, I couldn’t agree more with your list of inspiration. I always admire your perspectives and appreciate your social influence.

    This was finally the year (September was actually the month), where I was clearly able to articulate the difference between my own professional passion and personal purpose. That clarity inspired this Tweet back in October.

    And while I do not have the original Seth Godin Tweet, the link to this valuable content collection titled What Matters Now is absolutely phenomenal. Take a look – if you haven’t already!

    Happy New Year!

    • Fantastic content collection, Mary Ellen! Thank you for sharing.

      I loved the statement: “Fear plays the role of antagonist
      in the story of your life. ”

      Very true.

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