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American Idol Experience

Don’t let doubt drown your gift

Traffic was sparse on the interstate last Saturday. The sun was only halfway up and my son rode shotgun, strumming his ukulele. We were making good time. My heart raced. “You know, son, I may just sit this one out,” I murmured, half under my breath. “What? No dad, you can’t. This may be our […]

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Printer Friends HP cartridges

Why We Need Each Other

What happened to me today goes beyond coincidence. I can’t claim to calculate the mathematical odds of such a thing happening, yet happen it did. At first, it will seem a small thing, a minor nuisance, a daily irritation like so many we all face. This morning, I stood toe to toe with our collective […]

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Bronco's Manning receives football vs. Seahawks

Winning the Social Media Super Bowl

I’ve been a football fan since the Colts were in Baltimore and the Raiders played in LA. So this time of year, thoughts of the NFL playoffs are always blitzing away in the back of my mind. I’ve recently started a new position, as Senior Director of Social Media Marketing for Informatica. And as I […]

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Favorite Tweets of 2013

If you’re like me, 2013 was an era of both angst and accomplishment, of both sweetness and struggle. As in years past, one of the richest sources of steady inspiration was encouraging guidance that friends shared on Twitter. I wanted to end the year by sharing a few of the tweets that helped me focus […]

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Symantec Makes the World a Better Place

Today is my last day at Symantec, where I’ve been for many years. In honor of their work, I wanted to post an open letter I wrote to my coworkers, who are precious to me. Hello friends, Though I leave Symantec today, I remain deeply proud of your vision and promise. You are the “good […]

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Social Data Intelligence: An Altimeter Group Report

I recently had the privilege of working with Susan Etlinger and Altimeter Group on their Social Data Intelligence research project.  In their report, they discuss how enterprise-class companies use social data to drive business success. I am honored to have our team featured in a Case Study within the report. Our mission is to connect every social […]

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Top 10 Traits of Great Leaders

What makes a great leader? Is it a way with words or courage under fire? Is it a strong hand and a soft heart? Is it a formidable stance or an indomitable will? All these things matter, of course. But I suggest that great leadership comes from within. I believe it’s forged in humility and […]

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Top 3 Actions Great Leaders Take

A great leader Communicates the “Why” Collaborates the “What” Delegates the “How” Communicating “The Why” A great leader understands and articulates the reason an activity must take place. The leader is aware of the risks of inaction and the benefits of forward motion. Before any meaningful planning can be done, the leader must emphatically clarify […]

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Better a Weary Warrior

“It’ll never work.” “What is he even thinking?” “Why does she bother?” I don’t mind criticism. When it comes from those with personal experience and noble intentions, it can reveal the path from mediocrity toward greatness. But I can’t fathom the “criticism” industry. But I’ve never understood why we allow those who don’t create to […]

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Triage and Social Media

What is “Triage?” Typically, it’s a medical term, defined as “the process of sorting victims to determine medical priority, in order to increase the number of survivors.” So how does the concept of “Triage” apply to Social Media Monitoring? The number of social posts that mention brands continually increases. In 2012, 53% of social media […]

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