Social Media Has Changed Marketing Forever

Salesforce Cloudforce 2012 Marketing Cloud Keynote

Customers are flocking to social channels in record numbers. Customers now initiate over 150 million social conversations with brands each day. Among Fortune 100 brands, web site traffic growth is plummeting even as Facebook fan growth exponentially rises.

Last week, at the Cloudforce 2012 conference, I had the privilege of standing with Salesforce to show how social media has changed marketing forever. I wanted to share our keynote with you, below.

Your customers are sharing more data than they ever have before. Will you listen to them? Will you answer them?

Meet them where they are and give them what they need!

4 Responses to “Social Media Has Changed Marketing Forever”

  1. Tremendous Cloudforce presentation, best I’ve seen and I work for

  2. I really like this 7 point classification on AIMs. Sounds like you either have or are planning to have a control center that handles the identification and funnelling of AIMs to appropriate parties. Working on similar methodology, and have arrived at a lot of the same conclusions, so this is great validation. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Brenny. Yes, we already have the functionality in production (for the past year actually.) We don’t run it at a single location, however. We use a virtual control center in the cloud that moves from country to country in a follow the sun model.

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