Winning the Social Media Super Bowl

I’ve been a football fan since the Colts were in Baltimore and the Raiders played in LA. So this time of year, thoughts of the NFL playoffs are always blitzing away in the back of my mind.

Bronco's Manning receives football vs. Seahawks

I’ve recently started a new position, as Senior Director of Social Media Marketing for Informatica. And as I work to craft an optimal social media strategy for my new company, I can’t help but ponder how many parallels there are between getting this done and coaching a football team. So I thought I’d share these for you, for education and hopefully amusement. In “Winning the Social Media Super Bowl”, I compare Social Media marketing to running an offense and Social Customer Service to coordinating a defense. I hope you enjoy it!

4 Responses to “Winning the Social Media Super Bowl”

  1. Tristan, this was ingenious. You were able to connect and relate both. Really enjoyed it!

  2. And that’s what you can do when you both love two things! You could totally use one to improve another. Even discover relevance out of it.

  3. Well done! This helped me grasp a few concepts I’m learning in a TechComm class!

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