A friend once referred to me as “relentless”, as in “unwilling to relent.” We’re about to find out if this is so…

Many of you know, I’ve been just a little bit excited about LavaCon these past few months. I have been waiting to LiveBlog LavaCon like skaters wait for the olympics, like flower shops wait for February 14th and like Rudolph waits for December 24th. I was GONNA go, somehow, and live blog that bad boy! (In the words of my favorite flick, GalaxyQuest: “Never Give Up: Never Surrender!”) And like anything worth having, some effort is involved. But I wasn’t prepared for quite how much effort would be involved:

  1. I wasn’t prepared for an airplane recalled from the runway because the brakes were not ready for prime time. (Don’t they check these things BEFORE they board?) Don’t get me wrong, if you’re going to discover your plane needs brake pads and shoes, it’s WAY better to do so just before take-off than just before landing. Whew! Much gratitude.
  2. I wasn’t prepared for the promise of “free in-flight wi-fi” to be a misprint. They meant to say, no wi-fi. Not at the departure gate, on the flight, at the landing gate, next departure gate or next flight. None. No wi-fi. No soup for you. That’s ok. Who needs it. Good riddance wi-fi. πŸ™‚
  3. But mostly, I wasn’t prepared to finally hit my beautiful room in this gorgeous city to find a totally dead laptop. Nothing. Nada. Notta whole lotta.

I could have cried. But I’m relentless (remember?). So I’m here at the hotel business center at 4:30 AM trying to decide if I should:

  1. Ask the concierge to rent me a laptop
  2. Ask my wife to FedEx my spare battery (YES, I SHOULD have BROUGHT that, I know, OK.)
  3. LiveTweet this whole avalanche of awesomeness on my iPhone

I’m going to try 1 and 2, but it’s looking like 3. But I won’t be deterred. You can’t believe how much amazingness is here today. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you soon.

Now if everybody would just WAKE UP, we could get started! πŸ™‚

UPDATE: The conference founder lent me a lap top. Life is GOOD! Thank you Jack!

12 Responses to “Relentless”

  1. Melissa Kovacevic September 30, 2010 at 8:09 AM

    Morning Tristan! Sorry to hear about the laptop trauma but your always can-do attitude will prevail. Looking forward to seeing your Tweets, etc from there.

  2. Tristan, I have a spare laptop you can borrow. Stop by the registration desk.

    Welcome to San Diego, glad you got here!

  3. Tristan, you ARE relentless and will come out of this mini-trauma with flying colors. I can’t WAIT to see your tweets and blogging about LavaCon. Like all your stuff, I know it will be a joy to read. Have fun!

  4. Have fun! Looking forward to your dispatches –

  5. I might’ve known that you liked Galaxy Quest. It’s a favorite of mine too. #nevergiveup!

    I look forward to your dispatches from Lavacon. Even if you have to do everything from your iPhone instead of your laptop, you can still be the plucky comic relief.

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