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Purpose-Driven Productivity

Could it be that YOUR daily work is helping someone, significantly? If you take the time to figure out who and how, you just may see extra spring in your steps today. Perspective brings purpose, and purpose drives productivity.

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The Respect Requirement

My heart was racing like a single-seat Formula One car: It was my first morning on the new job. I was already worried that I might be unemployed by lunch time! As I stepped slowly through the abandoned print-shop, the words “stealth-mode start-up” took on new meaning. Ventilation tubes swung from an open ceiling and […]

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Servant Leadership: Now in 3-D

In the past, it was rare to see servant leadership emphasized as a crucial corporate value. In the future, servant leadership will be a prime predictor of long-term success. This post examines how Woody models the servant leader archetype in Toy Story 3.

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