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Service is the New Marketing

Today, millions of customers will seek help from brands on social networks. Today, your company’s public interactions on Facebook and Twitter will shape how other prospects and customers perceive your brand. For this reason, the quality of your social customer service has become a key element of modern marketing. Last week, at the Salesforce Dreamforce […]

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You Got Your Social in My CRM

Do you remember those TV commercials from when we were little? The ones where one guy had chocolate and the other had peanut butter? And then they collided and the result was something better than either imagined? This past year, I’ve had the tasty pleasure of “colliding” customer social media commentary with corporate Customer Relationship […]

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The Paradox of Social CRM

There’s a warm feeling you get when you walk into a familiar place. When the staff knows you by name, greets you with delight and serves up “the usual”, you feel honored, respected and welcome. This is the differentiator between the “mom and pop shop” and the mega mall; between the corner store and the […]

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